4 Advantages of Composite Fillings

4 Advantages of Composite Fillings

May 11, 2018

Almost every american has, at one point in time, gone to the dentist for a dental filling appointments. Dental fillings are one of the most common reasons for you walking through the doors of a dentist. With that being said, it is your duty to remain informed on what exactly is being done to your teeth and how this procedure benefits your life. That is precisely what we will be talking about to day as we explore four advantages of composite fillings that include:

1. Strong and flexible

2. They are the same color as natural teeth, making them blend seamlessly with your smile

3. More durable than metal fillings

4. Tooth can be used immediately after fillings

What’s the Composite Filling Procedure Like?

Composite fillings can be completed in just one single office visit. A local anesthetic is applied to the site of the tooth being worked on. As soon as you’re numb and ready, the dentist uses a drill to clean off any decay found in or around the tooth. As soon as the site is clean, a special medication is applied to stop any further decay. The filling material, in this case: composite, will then be placed in the missing space and polished and sanded to perfection.

How Long do Composite Fillings Last on Teeth?

Composite fillings are known to be great solutions as they can outlast amalgam and metal fillings. Of course the longevity of your filling depends on your oral care habits and they type of chewing and eating that corresponds to your lifestyle.

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