4 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

4 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Aug 30, 2018

Root canals are often a point of fear for both patients with dental anxiety and even those without. At Sunset Dental in Piqua, OH, we want you all to be well informed about the practices that we do in our office and why they are a benefit to you and your health. At the root of it, no pun intended, a root canal is a procedure that’s used to treat a disease or infected tooth. We reach the soft tissue known as the pulp that lies inside of the tooth that houses blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed and infected to salvage the Integrity of your house and the tooth itself. Let’s take a look at four common myths about root canal treatment

Root Canal Procedure Requires Several Visits to the Dental Clinic.

Root canal treatment typically requires only one two three visits to the dentist depending on the severity of the diseased tooth. The condition of your teeth determines the number of visits required, but it is all in an effort to rid the tooth of the disease, and salvage it from future wear and tear.

A Root Canal “Kills” the Tooth.

In essence, when you come to get a root canal treatment, the tooth is already dying. The root canal itself cleans and disinfect the inside of the tooth in order for it to heal, the treatment itself is not what kills a tooth.

Root Canal Procedure is Not Very Successful.

Due to modern technology and techniques, root canal procedures have about a 95% success rate. If the tooth and the surrounding gums are kept healthy after treatment, then the natural teeth can last a lifetime.

Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness.

There is absolutely no valid scientific evidence that supports this research. Root canal treatments are actually done to remove bad bacteria from the infected part of the mouth that can in itself cause illness.

If you still have questions about root canals or are thinking you may need one, feel free to contact our Piqua, OH, office today!

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