5 Tips For Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

5 Tips For Self-Care Following Root Canal Treatment

Mar 01, 2019

Have you recently had a root canal treatment in Piqua? It’s obvious to feel clueless about the Dos and DONT’s after the procedure. The worry and stress is obvious especially when you are not in the best form of your health and still recovering. There may be many questions hovering over your mind regarding the after effects of the root canal procedure and how to cope up with them.

Here’s a Look at Some Tips That Will Help You Recover:

#1 Don’t Stress about Some Sensitivity

You may experience some sensitivity in the tooth even few days after the treatment. Though your body begins to heal, feeling sensitivity is common. Once the infection is eliminated, the body’s immune system will work hard to heal and would start feeling normal within a week or so.

#2 Avoid Chewing on the Area Until You Have Your Permanent Crown

Most of the times, a temporary filling is placed on the tooth that has undergone root canal till the time a dental crown is placed for protection. Thus, you need to avoid chewing on the area till you get the permanent crown to prevent fracturing the tooth. The tooth that has undergone root canal becomes week and is easy to break if you chew from it.

#3 Brush and Floss Normally

You can brush and floss your teeth normally just being careful about the site of root canal. It’s important to maintain oral hygiene after root canal to prevent any dental issues in future.

#4 Rinse with Warm Water to Soothe the Area

You can rinse the mouth with lukewarm water as it feels soothing to mouth. However, avoid drinking too hot or too cold water after root canal.

#5 Schedule Your Follow-Up Exam

You need to visit the dentist near Piqua, OH 45356 for a follow-up examination so that the dentist can make sure that healing and recovery is as expected and all is well.

Contact Your Piqua Dentist if You Have a Toothache

In case you have a toothache or any other dental issue, connect with the dentist for immediate medical help.

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