Meet Dr. Lytha K. Miller, DDS

I was born in Flint, Michigan, but moved to the Buckeye State in 1980. I attended Ohio State University, graduating from the College of Dentistry in 1987. After graduation, I practiced in Dayton, Ohio, where I made many friends who followed my dental career when I left Dayton in 1997 to work in Piqua, Ohio, full-time. Many of them I am honored to serve even 25 years later!

I am passionate about dentistry and helping people achieve oral health. This is why I educate my patients about the connection between dental diseases and heart health, stroke, diabetes, and overall wellness. I shamelessly advocate fluoride treatments, mouth-guards to help migraine headaches and flossing to minimize dental crises. I prescribe sedative drugs for acutely anxious patients to help them become dentally healthy. At my dental practice, we proudly specialize in general and cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants, family/pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening and more!

I am married to Mike Myers from Troy, Ohio. Mike is semi-retired but works at Sunset Dental as the Unsung Hero. Mike does the banking, handles the payables, deals with the day-to-day stuff of sales reps, plumbers, landlords, bankers, etc. I couldn’t function without Mike. (Don’t tell him!)

My life’s focus is to be a servant of Jesus Christ. More than anything else, I want to exemplify honesty, integrity, truth, justice, and grace. I have learned that money is a tool but not an end in itself. My skills as a dentist are not mine, but in fact are God’s gift to me, and I give them back to Him for His glory!

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