Braces or Invisalign?

Braces or Invisalign?

Mar 16, 2019

Invisalign Is the Clear Alternative

People who wish to go for teeth straightening avoid it because they feel that traditional braces are not a good option for them. When better teeth straightening are to be obtained, one may prefer going for Invisalign at Sunset Dental clinic.

Is Invisalign less noticeable than Braces?

Invisalign are often a better option chosen for teeth straightening because this is invisible and hard to identify. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is smart option for teeth straightening because they are less noticeable.

How Easy is Invisalign to Wear?

It is comparatively very easy to wear Invisalign. Braces are metal brackets which may take long hour procedure to get fit over the teeth but Invisalign comes with aligners that can easily fit on the teeth. Dentists at Sunset Dental clinic can suggest best Invisalign which are both comfortable and easy to use.

Are They Comfortable?

Invisalign are easy to wear when compared to traditional braces. They do not cause any sort of irritation or wear off. The process of Invisalign is also easy and comfortable. It is a pain-free process that can ensure better results.

What about Eating with Invisalign?

With braces patient need to be very careful about what they are eating but with Invisalign it is easy. Invisalign can be easily removed to enjoy eating everything you are fond of. Later it is easy to put back the Invisalign when the patient is done eating.

How Complicated is Oral Hygiene?

Even though both braces and Invisalign are used for teeth straightening but when oral hygiene is concerned, Invisalign is suitable. One can take off the Invisalign for brushing and thus they ensure better hygiene.

Does it Take Years for Invisalign to Work?

Invisalign is an advanced treatment for teeth straightening that may be completed in one year. The process is completely easy and comfortable for the patient.

What Happens When Treatment is Finished?

Removing braces is a tedious process but when a tooth straightening is achieved after Invisalign, it can simply be removed without any issues. Better results can be ensured with Invisalign at Sunset Dental clinic.

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