Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers – Choosing the Right Material

Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers – Choosing the Right Material

Aug 01, 2019

When you have decided to go with dental veneers, the next thing to look for is the material to be chosen. The composite and porcelain are one of the most commonly used materials for fabricating the veneers. Both of them are capable of transforming your smile. But you must know, which type is best for you. The features, benefits, and cost can help in deciding, which option is right for you.

Advantages of Composite Veneers

Composite veneers in Piqua have several benefits over porcelain veneers. They cost half as compared to the porcelain veneers. This can be crucial for some people as the cost of treatment is not covered by the insurance companies. The composite veneers cost between 250 to 1500 dollars per tooth. Composite can be fabricated on the same day, unlike porcelain veneers. In fact, direct composite veneers are sculpted on your teeth, then in an offsite lab. It’s a less invasive procedure and quite quick as compared to porcelain. The composite veneers can be removed and replaced as needed, which is not possible with porcelain veneers.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

The porcelain veneers are hand down one of the most durable options. They have a far stronger material than composite resin. If maintained well, they can last up to 10 to 15 years, unlike the composite veneers, which last for 5 to 7 years. However, you must consider the fact that the composite veneers last for half duration as compared to porcelain veneers but they cost also halve.

Porcelain veneers offer a more natural look and have a translucent quality similar to the tooth enamel. It’s resistant to staining and chipping.

Composite or Porcelain… What’s the Verdict?

The only way you can find out if porcelain veneers or composite veneers are right for you is to speak to your dentist in 45356. You must consider the cost of treatment, durability, esthetic appeal, and other factors when making the decision. For esthetic and more natural looking option, you should always choose porcelain veneers. However, both the options make for a wonderful smile enhancement material.

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