Everything You Need to Know about Dental Fillings

Everything You Need to Know about Dental Fillings

Sep 11, 2018

Not everyone will receive dental fillings near you in their lifetime, but it is one of the most common dental procedures. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 95% of adults will have had cavities (or missing teeth) by age 64. If you’re about to get your first dental fillings in Piqua, OH, you might be feeling a little anxious about the procedure. Rest assured that this procedure is fast, safe, and routine, and it can be performed with very little discomfort.

What are dental fillings?

A filling is a piece of biocompatible, malleable material that is used to treat a cavity that has developed in a tooth. It prevents the cavity from growing and restores the tooth’s function. After it is placed in the cavity and shaped to fit with the rest of the teeth, it is hardened so that the tooth can function as normal again.

When are dental fillings needed?

When a tooth becomes infected with decay (a cavity), it needs to be treated to keep it from getting worse and potentially allowing bacteria to enter the interior of the tooth. This is where dental fillings come in. They can also be used to treat a tooth that has been affected by trauma, such as after an accident.

If you regularly experience sensitivity to heat or cold, specifically in the same area of your mouth, or if you can visibly see a dark spot or hole on a tooth, you’ll most likely need a filling. Some other signs are that you experience pain when biting or the tooth feels rough, chipped, or fractured.

Types of Dental Fillings in 45356

Dental fillings can be made from a variety of materials, which suit different needs or preferences. Your dentist will choose the material to use based on a number of factors, such as how much repair is needed, the cost, or if you have any allergies.

  • Resin composite – match the color of the natural teeth
  • Gold, silver (amalgam)


To have a tooth filled, it will first be cleaned thoroughly and have all the decay removed. (The tooth will be numbed first.) The filling will then be placed within the tooth structure and shaped. It will be polished to give it a more natural appearance and to fit better with the surrounding teeth. Following the procedure, you may experience some sensitivity to extreme temperatures, but this should subside after a few hours.

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