How Dentures from a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You

How Dentures from a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You

Sep 01, 2020

A skilled dentist can place prosthetic devices as a replacement for your missing teeth. Teeth are essential to maintain a good and sound lifestyle.

You might lose teeth due to various dental ailments or dental trauma. Dental gaps need to be fixed to maintain the organizational structure of your jaws. When you lose a tooth or two, the neighboring teeth suffer from additional pressure.

The structure of the mouth can also alter with age. The teeth might lose its natural strength and shine with time. The jaws, the gums, and neighboring muscles recede and shrink naturally. Dentures can be the right solution for your lost teeth and help you chew properly and smile openly.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a dental solution for your lost or worn-out teeth. These false teeth are a dental prosthesis and can be made of nylon, acrylic, or metal. They are custom-made and may fit in as a replacement for a single tooth or a bunch of teeth.

Dentures are comfortable to wear and can be removed with ease. The dentist might administer the full denture or partial denture depending on your mouth’s state.

The dentures are jaw-colored acrylic bases that are fitted over your gums. The palate of your mouth covers the base of the upper denture, while the lower denture is designed to accommodate your tongue.

With time, the dentures lose their vitality and need to be remade, rebased, or relined. The base of the denture might deteriorate with regular usage and might need replacement.

What is Denture Repair?

With use, the condition of your denture can degrade and might need repair. Even with optimum care, the material of the denture can erode or lose its vitality. When dentures become a part of your life, you might look for quick denture repair or same-day denture repair.

The repairing of dentures is an elaborate process and is mostly done by skilled technicians in dental laboratories. However, the instructions and guidance of the repair of dentures are administered by the dentist.

The Need for Denture Repair

Dentures can be delicate, and grinding hard food as ice or clenching your teeth can cause the dentures to break. Falling off from your hands can be another cause for breakage. According to the latest clinical research, the primary reason for the breakage of dentures is a poor fit. As you chew with poorly-fitted dentures, microfractures are formed in the dentures. The fissures broaden with time and destroy the whole denture.

Fractures due to impact like falling off or a dental trauma might also contribute to the breakage of dentures. Once you are accustomed to dentures, you cannot do without it. The worn dentures can break and might cause cuts inside your mouth. An uneven bite can also cause dentures to break, and it is advisable to visit a dentist to get the denture repaired.

Approach to Repair of Dentures

Instead of replacing the whole denture, the same can be repaired. With minor adjustments, you can save both time and money with repairing of dentures. The main types of denture repair are:

#1: Relining

With time, the vitality of dentures changes and might need minor adjustments. Even the tissues of your mouth and jaw undergo slight changes. With relining, you can re-adjust your dentures.

#2: Rebasing

When your denture base is changed for better fit and functionality, it is known as rebasing. Rebasing is necessary when the dentures are cracked, and rebasing can bring back the lost stability to your denture.

#3: Adjustment

The dentist might adjust your denture to fit correctly. These minor modifications can enhance the functionality of the dentures and enable a comfortable fit.

Trusted Denture Repairing

Dentures are a type of cosmetic dentistry that is used to enhance teeth’ functionality. Several cosmetic dentists in Piqua can aid you with dentures. Sunset Dental has dentists experienced in providing affordable, quality dental care. With extended hours of service, you can get all the dental treatments under one roof. We specialize in denture repairing, and you can book an appointment to experience the difference.

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