How Pediatric Dentists in Piqua Prevent Cavities

How Pediatric Dentists in Piqua Prevent Cavities

Apr 01, 2019

We all are aware of the importance of oral hygiene. However, maintaining good oral routine is not just important for adults but also for children says dentist in OH 45356. As soon as your children get their teeth, it’s important to teach them the significance of oral hygiene. Good habits when taught at an early age can last for a lifetime. This is no less than a gift of good dental health that you are giving to your children.

Apart from brushing and flossing, it’s important to take your child to Pediatric dentist for regular oral examination and cleaning. The dentist may suggest some tips and preventions for maintaining optimum oral hygiene.

Dietary Recommendations

The first suggestions usually given by a dentist is to eliminate sugary food and drinks from your child’s diet. While sugar consumption in itself doesn’t cause cavity but not brushing after eating sweet food items can attract bacteria and cause plaque which can lead to cavity in the long run. Instead of giving sugary items, the dentist will ask you to offer your kid natural sugar which is found in fruits along with fresh vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers.

Start Early

If you are parents of a toddler, the dentist will ask you to clean their mouth with wash cloth till they get their teeth. Once the teeth have emerged, a soft bristled brush can be used for brushing their teeth to prevent cavities. As they grow, you can also teach them the right technique to floss their teeth.


The dentist near Piqua, OH can also suggest you to go for dental sealants for your children. The sealants are applied on the back molars which work as a protective layer for teeth protecting them from decay and cavities for few years.

Dentist Appointments

This goes without saying that you need to take your child to the pediatric dentist for regular dental examination and cleaning. This will help in getting rid of the plaque as well as help the dentist in diagnosing any underlying cavity.

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