Jaw-Dropping Facts About Dental Implants

Jaw-Dropping Facts About Dental Implants

Apr 01, 2020

It is likely that you have heard about dental implants before since they are quickly becoming the most preferred option among dentists for replacing missing teeth. The quality of natural teeth is precious but tooth loss remains inevitable due to risks like decay and trauma. Life with a missing tooth can be difficult, making it difficult for you to chew, speak and even smile with confidence. And while dental implants promise to solve the difficulties associated with tooth loss, there are myths and misconceptions surrounding the treatment that often gets patients confused.

So, before drawing any conclusions about dental implants, here are some facts that can help you understand more about the procedure and its benefits.

History of Implants Dates Back to Around 600AD

The earliest form of dental implants involved hammering tooth-like pieces of shell into the jawbone. The practice and idea are credited to the Mayans. This discovery was made after an archaeologist found the mandible of Mayan woman which contained three tooth-shaped seashells fixed onto the sockets that once held teeth. It was 1400 years later that the idea was developed to create a more refined but similar tooth replacement technique.

Dental Implant Surgery has a High Success Rate

if you are looking forward to getting dental implants in Piqua, you will be happy to know that the surgery is relatively low risks with complications being very rare. The success rate of the procedure is as high as 95%. Although advanced age and poor bone threaten the success of the procedure, we at Sunset Dental will evaluate each case personally and determine the best approach.

After the surgery you can expect slight paint on the affected area and some swelling and bruising, which will all fade away within a couple of days. As long as you are in good health you should go through the treatment and recovery period without any problems. The procedure can restore 70% or more chewing ability.

They Are Not Susceptible to Cavities

Since Implants consist of titanium posts and porcelain or ceramic crowns, they cannot be attacked by cavities. It is however important that you continue to practice proper oral hygiene to keep the remaining teeth healthy.

Dental Implants Are Almost as Strong as Natural Teeth

Other tooth replacement techniques can offer only about 50% strength as that of your natural teeth. Implants on the other hand are just as reliable as your natural teeth. The titanium post is fused to the jawbone which the body access easily allows more bone mass to grow around it. This gives the replacement tooth a strong foundation to carry our normal functions without a hitch. Besides being strong implants also closely resemble your natural teeth, giving you a confident smile.

The Procedure is a Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. This is a great benefit over other restoration procedures like dentures, crowns and bridges that may require periodic adjustments. One of the things that makes implants so reliable and long-lasting is the fact that they do not depend on the health of surrounding teeth like bridges do.

Implants Consist of Three Parts

Placing dental implants usually involves three stages. To begin with, our Dentist in Piqua, OH will implant the titanium post into the jawbone. The next step will be to have the abutment attached to the post, which will act as the anchor to the final component known as the crown. The crown is the uppermost part of the tooth that we see. It is usually designed to resemble your teeth in shape, size and color.

There is No Age Restriction for Implants

At Sunset Dental in Piqua, you can get dental implants regardless of your age. As long as you have a missing tooth and the dentist considers that your jaw is healthy enough, this type of restoration is an option. In the event that you have suffered jawbone loss, you can undergo bone grafts to prepare you for the implants.

Now that you know a few facts about dental implants, you can make an informed decision on whether to undergo the procedure or not. In case of any questions or concerns you can visit our dental clinic in Piqua, OH, for a comprehensive and personalized consultation.

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