Our Staff Helps Children Brush Correctly

Our Staff Helps Children Brush Correctly

Oct 24, 2018

Parents are always looking out for ways to continue to protect their precious children, and our team is also! Sunset Dental in Piqua, Ohio offers specialized care to individuals of all ages, including children. We are eager to educate both parents and children on the practical ways they can protect their smiles and keep their bodies healthy. Continue reading on to learn the best way to brush your child’s smile and keep them shining.

As children grow older, they begin to learn how to properly take care of their teeth by themselves. Parental supervision is helpful as they continue to learn how to do things on their own and there are practical steps to teach your children, including the following:

  • Continue to brush using the 2-2 rule. Regardless of age, every individual should follow the 2-2 rule. This entails brushing for two minutes at least twice a day. This helps to get a thorough clean every single day.
  • Brush plaque away from the gums. Brushing in a circular motion and starting in the gum line helps to push the plaque away from the gums. Brushing with this technique will help to keep their smile healthy for an advanced period of time.
  • Start with the right tools. The basics needed are a toothbrush no older than a few months, fluoride toothpaste, and floss. A newer toothbrush is essential in order to avoid harmful bacteria from entering the body system. Replace the brush every couple of months. Using a toothpaste with fluoride will help to keep the smile strengthened.
  • Bring them to our pediatric dentistry office. Unfortunately, the buildup of plaque and tartar is still a possibility despite the best efforts on the parents and children’s part. This is why regular dental cleaning and exam appointments are essential at least twice a year. These appointments ensure the elimination of harmful bacteria and tartar.

Contact our office for more information regarding services and treatments for you or your family. Call us today to schedule your appointment with a member of our staff and get back on the path to a better smile.

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