Piqua, Oh Dentist Describes Dental Crown And Bridge Procedures

Piqua, Oh Dentist Describes Dental Crown And Bridge Procedures

May 04, 2019

There can be various reasons why a patient may need to get an advanced dental procedure. In cases when you are suffering from dental issues you must not delay your visit to dental clinic.

An expert dentist can carefully evaluate your condition to suggest one of the two dental treatments:

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridges

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are ceramic elements that are often placed over the tooth for eliminating any dental imperfection. This is an advance restoration process that can address issues such as broken or damaged tooth. Ceramic used in crowns are biocompatible to the body and it is made to match the original appearance of existing tooth so as to ensure a natural appearance.

It can cover the visible portion of tooth so it looks natural. When rightly placed, no one can even detect the repair.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are made of dental crowns and artificial teeth. They are used to replace the missing teeth. They are also made of ceramic material and are considered a better option than other dental treatment. Bridges ensure permanent result at an affordable cost and thus they are often chosen by the patient for their dental issues.

Why restore the smile?

Perfect smile can help look better and feel confident. In cases of imperfection of smile, often dental treatments are chosen. One may need to go for restoration of a smile in cases when they have missing tooth, broken tooth, extra gap between the teeth, damaged tooth and broken enamel, etc. one may go for this procedure both for aesthetic and functional need. It can also equally improve overall oral health in a patient. A patient may go for bridges, crowns or any other restoration process to restore perfect smile.

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It is between you and your dentist that which dental treatment can actually meet with your requirement and thus you must carefully make this decision after consulting an expert dentist. Professionals can suggest dental crown or bridge for smile perfection.

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