Short-Term Dental Emergency Tips

Short-Term Dental Emergency Tips

Feb 06, 2018

Dental emergencies tend to happen when we least expect it. Many dental emergencies require a trip to the dentist, especially since many dental emergencies can get worse and worse if left untreated. In the interim, there are ways to help yourself and perhaps stop dental issues from intensifying.


Toothaches should always be investigated since they can often be an early indicator of larger issues like a cavity or infected root canal. Toothaches tend to sneak up on us while at work or other times when getting to a dentist will be inconvenient. Before you can go see your dentist, take over-the-counter pain relief medications like ibuprofen. This should be considered a temporary measure to halt the pain but should not be viewed as a way to avoid going to the dentist.

Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, there are some steps that can be taken to try and save the tooth. First, if the tooth is completely knocked out, only pick it up by the crown of the tooth to try and prevent contamination of the roots. If the roots are dirty from falling to the ground, lightly clean the roots with warm water. If it is possible to place the tooth back in the socket without pain, this is a good way to keep the tooth viable. If this is not an option, keep the tooth tucked between your lip and gum or in a container of milk.

Filling Fell Out

When a filling falls out, it is important to keep the area clean. A saltwater rinse is a good way of keeping the area free of debris since a cavity is now exposed. Before getting to your dentist, keep the cavity free of debris by using dental wax and cleaning the area well.

Remember, the longer you wait to repair a dental issue, the worse the issue can become!

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