The Benefits of Dental Bridges

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Jul 22, 2018

Are you missing one or several teeth? Considering dental bridges in Piqua but aren’t sure if they are right for you? At Sunset Dental we are proud to offer dental bridges and think they have many benefits when it comes to restoring the appearance, function and health of our patients smiles.

Dental bridges restore the appearance of your smile.

When a tooth is missing in your smile is is extremely obvious, with dental bridges we can restore your missing tooth/teeth without anyone even noticing. Our dental bridges are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Dental bridges improve your ability to chew and properly eat.

Along with the effect missing teeth can have on your appearance, they can also make it more difficult to properly chew and/or eat. A dental bridge can restore your smile and bite, allowing you to more properly consume food.

Dental bridges restore your ability to speak properly.

After missing teeth for awhile, many patients actually forget what they used to sound like. With a dental bridge, we can restore your ability to pronounce words and properly speak.

Dental bridges can make you appear younger.

Along with the missing spot in your smile, missing teeth can actually make your entire face appear older due to sagging. Dental bridges will fill in these areas, making your face appear more full and young.

Dental bridges can prevent tooth shifting, spacing and misalignment.

Once a tooth is missing, the issues don’t stop there. One missing tooth can result in the rest of your smile shifting, becoming oddly spaced and misaligned. With a dental bridge, your other natural teeth will stay in their right spot.

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