The Difference Between Mouthguards, Aligners, Retainers, Trays & Splints

The Difference Between Mouthguards, Aligners, Retainers, Trays & Splints

Dec 21, 2018

When it comes to dental appliances, there seem to be more and more popping up each year. From mouthguards and aligners to trays and splints, what exactly are the differences between all these treatment options? Today Sunset Dental will be covering the difference between splints, trays, retainers, aligners, and mouthguards, we hope you learn something new!


Mouthguards are designed to provide protection for the smile, oral cavity, and even face. Typically recommended for those who play sports, mouthguards may also be used to treat TMJ and even bruxism.


Aligners are a newer dental appliance typically associated with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Smile Direct, and other “clear braces” provides. Aligners are designed to be clear, making treatment extremely discrete. During treatment, different aligners are worn to gently shift teeth into a more desirable position.


Following orthodontic treatment, retainers are to be worn to ensure that teeth remain in the position they were recently shifted to. Neglecting to wear a retainer following treatment can result in the teeth shifting back to their old position, making treatment basically useless.


When it comes to dental trays, they are used during teeth whitening treatments. Trays are designed to hold products such as teeth whitening gels, allowing the teeth to be exposed to the chemicals while protecting the other portions of the mouth.


Splints are an alternative to mouthguards designed to prevent damage caused by TMJ, bruxism and unconscious nighttime teeth grinding. Splints are worn over the teeth and prevent damage from occurring to both the top and bottom set of teeth.

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