The Reasons When Tooth Extractions Become A Necessity

The Reasons When Tooth Extractions Become A Necessity

Dec 13, 2019

Every individual has two sets of teeth in the form of baby teeth and permanent teeth. The body produces the baby teeth initially as the first set. When the baby teeth fall off around the age of six the second set known as the permanent teeth erupt to replace them. These are meant to last for a lifetime but many reasons make it necessary for the procedure of tooth extractions being required by the patient.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

A dental procedure whereby a tooth is removed from its dental socket is known as a tooth extraction. The procedure is usually conducted by an oral surgeon. However, the general dentist near you may also conduct such procedures as a part of the core skills they learned in dental school as dental providers. Therefore you can rest assured that the dentist will thoroughly check your gums, teeth, and mouth before extracting the tooth. The goal of dentists is to keep your teeth intact as it is the best and preferred dental option.

Tooth extraction procedures are conducted in two ways which are the following:

  • Simple extractions are usually performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth under local anesthesia.
  • Surgical extractions are performed on teeth that are difficult to access because it has not fully erupted or is broken below the gum line.

Tooth extractions are the last options considered by dentists. It is therefore recommended that you consult your dentist to understand whether there is a need for tooth extraction. However, it is possible for you to be a victim of several conditions that make it necessary for the tooth to be removed. Let us take a look at the conditions to give you an indication of how you can prevent such occurrences.

Tooth Damage Because of Severe Decay

When tooth decay reaches the center of the tooth which is the pulp you will be infected by bacteria produced by the decay which will invade the pulp to cause an infection. In such cases, a root canal may be required to treat the infection. However, if your condition is severe the tooth may be extracted to prevent the infection from spreading. Dentists conducting tooth extractions in Piqua will examine the affected tooth before recommending the best dental option. They will ensure they provide the most comfortable and safe procedure to suit your needs painlessly.

Periodontal Disease Is A Reason for Tooth Extractions

An infection of the gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments and other structures surrounding the teeth is known as periodontitis. The earliest stage of this condition is gingivitis which is the infection of the gums. When this condition becomes severe it affects the periodontal ligaments as well as the alveolar bone. This condition is caused by bacteria in dental plaque which forms on your teeth several hours after eating and not brushing. If you wish to avoid tooth extractions you should be brushing your teeth regularly and flossing them as well. Periodontal disease can leave you with loosened teeth making it necessary for you to have the tooth extracted. The dentist in Piqua, OH will make an attempt to restore your oral health with periodontal therapy but may recommend an extraction considering the severity of your condition.


It may become necessary to extract one or several teeth to eliminate overcrowding in the mouth. This is a recommendation that is also provided if you need to undergo any type of orthodontic treatment because insufficient space will be available for the teeth to move and realign.

Impacted Tooth May Receive Help From An Extraction

An impacted tooth which is prevented from erupting like in the case of wisdom teeth will receive a recommendation from the dentist to be extracted. The extraction will be suggested to prevent the impacted tooth from damaging other teeth and also lower the risk of overcrowding.

Extractions May Be Necessary After an Accident

If an individual has suffered dental injuries in an accident the first option of the dentist will be to preserve the teeth. The patient may be recommended options like dental bonding, bridges, crowns, and veneers. If the recommendations made cannot be adopted for any reason a tooth extraction may be the only option.

Many reasons exist why dentists may recommend tooth extractions. The dentist in Piqua, OH may also recommend the same but only after making every attempt possible to preserve the existing teeth for as long as possible.

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