What to Do Before and After a Tooth Extraction

What to Do Before and After a Tooth Extraction

Apr 16, 2019

You have been announced the big news related to your tooth cavity. You have a tooth gone bad and in need to come out. There are lots of questions that will go around your mind like what to do before tooth extraction, what to do after-tooth extraction or how to make sure it goes well. Don’t worry, as always, Sunset Dental is at your rescue.

Things to care of before tooth extraction:

Firstly, tell your dentist from Sunset Dental about any kind of medications or supplements that you take. This includes any kind of pill, power, drink, etc that goes in your stomach other than regular food. Also, tell them about any medical conditions that might have put you at the risk of infection, such as:

Heart Valves related condition
Genetical heart problem
Bacterial endocarditis History
Impaired immune system
Liver disease (cirrhosis)
Any artificial joints, such as knee or hip replacement

Things to care about after tooth extraction:

Expert dentists from Sunset Dental will make sure you go through a perfect surgery. After that, they will pack your tooth socket with gauze and tell you to bite down in order to lessen the bleeding. They also might use a few self-dissolving stitches to close the tooth extraction.

Once you reach home post-surgery, follow these guidelines for maximum benefit:

  • Rest for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Keep biting down on the gauze for at least three hours to reduce bleeding and allow a clot to form.
  • Replace soaked gauze as necessary.
  • Don’t lie flat. Prop your head up on pillows to lessen bleeding.
  • Apply ice immediately after tooth extraction and at 10-minute intervals.
  • Don’t spit forcibly, rinse, or drink from a straw for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, rinse with ½ teaspoon of salt mixed into 8 ounces of warm water.
  • Don’t eat hard food that might injure your teeth further.
  • Avoid the surgery site while brushing.
  • Take medicines as guided by your doctor.

A certain amount of swelling and bleeding is normal after tooth extraction, but notify experts in case you suffer from any abnormal physical activities like chest pain, vomit, fever or nausea.

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