Why Sometimes a Tooth Extraction is the Answer

Why Sometimes a Tooth Extraction is the Answer

Nov 19, 2018

It is the goal of every dentist to maintain a healthy smile for all patients with their natural, healthy teeth. If you are suffering from severe tooth pain caused by trauma or from a serious case of decay or infection, the dentist will do everything to try and save the tooth. However, there are times when extraction is the best option.

Dr. Lytha Miller, and the professional staff at Sunset Dental, want to educate their patients, current and new, about the circumstances that would cause a dentist to choose tooth removal as opposed to saving it.

A Dangerous Infection

An infection deep in the tooth and in the gums can spread throughout the body if the bacteria enters the bloodstream. In the case of a dangerous infection, you should always follow the advice of your dentist.

Severe Pain

When a patient is in severe pain, an immediate extraction may be the solution for complete relief. The testing of other treatments will take time and may not prove effective causing the patient to suffer longer and needlessly. When the area of the extraction is healed, the dentist may recommend an implant or an appliance to fill the area.

If the Tooth is Severely Damaged or Compromised

If a tooth is damaged from an incident during a contact sport or other trauma to the mouth, the tooth may be too compromised to save. Extractions may also be necessary if the tooth is severely decayed or discolored.

In cases of infections, extractions become necessary when the infection has gone untreated for too long. This may be the only option to completely remove the infection and to save the surrounding teeth and gums. Regular and consistent oral healthcare will greatly reduce the need for an extraction caused by a severe infection or decay.

The staff at Sunset Dental, located near you in Piqua, Ohio, are trusted and highly recommended for tooth extractions, general and cosmetic dentistry. Modern and innovative technology is applied in every treatment and procedure.

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